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pig and monkey rodeo
Wed, Jan 9 2008
Favorite Films of 2007
Topic: Cinema


I managed to avoid the mega-plexes for most of the year, but then I also elected to wait for dvd rather than opt for a single-screen cinema, too.  I skipped on the summer movie-going temptation all-together, so my list of favorites really isn't complete.  I don't really fell like I missed out on too much, becuase prices and audiences are making it a challenge to really enjoy a movie these days. 

Sadly, these selections hardly match up to offerings of years past.  I really need to pay attention to the film festival screenings more often, because most of the crap that is getting distribution is weak, weak, weak.

And so, here are my selections for the "better-than-average" films of the year:

No Country For Old Men 

Into the Wild


Eastern Promises

Grind House


The Savages

There Will Be Blood

Assasination of Jesse James

Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

The following are technically 2006, but received 2007 US distribution and happily make my list:

The Lives of Others

Triad Election


Honorable mention: Fido, Away From Her, Hot Fuzz, Year of the Dog, Blade Runner: The Final Cut, Inland Empire, King of Kong, Sicko, I'm Not There

Posted by hammy154 at 4:07 PM PST
Updated: Fri, Jan 30 2009 4:43 PM PST

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